Perth is one of the farthest removed cities in Australia, and while it has many similarities to its eastern brothers and sisters, it has a few unique benefits that make it a great place to live and work, which is why many people look for a job in Perth. Wide Variety Whether... Read More
Individuals looking to be hired in Australia will probably find it much easier to do so with discussions regarding changes to be made to the main immigration programme. Foreigners are going to have to lodge an application for the Subclass 457 visa, otherwise known as the temporary... Read More
A labor agreement was made between Fronditha Care Nursing Facility in Victoria, and the Australia Department of Immigration and Border Protection. This agreement which has been granted by the Abbott Government is actually the country's first in the health and community services industry.... Read More
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According to recent research, one of the most popular ways that migrants try to adjust to their new life in Australia is through becoming a member of a soccer club. Migrants get a lot of benefits through joining this type of sports club. They learn to speak English, they find... Read More


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Bonnie has been a terrific long term client of my company. iVisas have helped me and my company now for a number of years.

Matt H (Australian Company Director)

Bonnie has been a very good expert on immigration purposes, she assisted me during my skill assessment, provided me with vital information. I'm happy to use iVisas and I will always recommend them to my friends

Luke E

I got big recommendation for iVisas services and Bonnie from her previous satisfied client and I am so happy because that! I am very thankful for Bonnie's big professionalism and management of our case. It is precious to find dedicated agent after a series of unsuccessful attempts! Thank you!

Ivana V

I highly recommend iVisas for any visa assistance. Bonnie is highly knowledgeable and happy to assist with any questions. Very professional and responds quickly.

Dragana M

I highly recommend iVisas services and in particular Bonnie, who went out her way to inform me of the complex visac processes and then provide a highly professional service and support to successfully obtain a visa for my nephew.

Mark G

I was in a situation after renewing my passport were I needed to replace my Visa, Bonnie's very efficient professional help with my Visa enquiry saved me a lot of unneeded applications, paperwork and money, highly recommended, thank you Bonnie

Stephen C

I found iVisa to be extremely efficient and professional in all dealings with our Partner Visa. Bonnie's expertise in navigating through the mountain of Government red tape and Departments was second to none... ThankYou So much Bonnie, we couldn't have done it without you!

Gary R

Thank you soooo much for everything you've done for us bonnie! Its been great working with you.  Words cant express how happy I am right now... woohooooo!

J.P. & P.P. (Mauritius)

Dear Bonnie

I'm very grateful and thank you very much for your effort and help to grant my visitor visa.  I was overwhelmed and excited; I didnt expect to obtain it so promptly as Im used to everything to be delayed where I am.


Dear Bonnie
We are very grateful for everything that you did - Thank you so much from both of us!!! I think that now we are fiunally over the excitement of the news.  There cannot be any better timing also, as we were just planning a holiday back home and now we can go ahead with our plans. Again, thank you!

M.M. (Estonia)

Hi Bonnie, just to let you know that I achieve citizenship on the 9th of May and the long process has come to a successful conclusion. All of this was only possible due to your work and I am very very grateful.
B.H. (Ireland)

Dear Bonnie

I want to thank you personally for your service regarding our employee... The service we received was erudite, professional and prompt.  I understand the intricacies that can be involved in any visa process, however using your services erased any difficulties we would have faced.  From a business point of view I would highly recommend your services to any other companies who are seeking to sponsor an employee.  

(Director - Resources Company, Perth)

Hi Bonnie, That must have been the fastest processing in human history. Thank you a million times for your excellent and professional help! Thanks again.Thank you a million times...

Regards, Clemens


I want to thank you for all the additional effort you have gone to on this with us.  I won't forget that, you really nailed it, home run.. decision ready first time.

(Student Visa AL-3 applicants - United Arab Emirates)