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What is a Client Portal?

Also sometimes known as extranets, client portals are intranets that are partially accessible to authorized persons outside of a company or organization. So with a client portal, specified company information, data and applications are made available to clients, customers, and partners.

Businesses have for many years been enjoying the benefits of a company intranet in terms of improved internal communications and joint working. And increasingly, they have realized that these benefits can be enhanced by enabling external clients and partners to access parts of the company intranet through a client portal.

Important information such as contracts, proposals, quotes or project plans can be accessed via the client portal by both internal staff and external partners and customers, thereby providing a single source of truth. No longer will they get lost in the mail or in the sea of email traffic. And the margin of error will be reduced as the intranet will have the most up-to-date version of those important documents.

Making timely, accurate information available to our customers and being responsive to our clients’ needsis important to iVisas. Centrally located online forms in the client portal such as contact us, support requests, requests for quotes, acceptance of quotes or work orders and so on.

Granting direct access to applications and information clients improves flexibility and responsiveness for everyone. Our clients will be able to interact with us outside of standard business hours at a time that suits them. Likewise, collaborative working with clients is made easier as everyone can operate when and where it’s most convenient for them. Time and resources will be saved as clients will be able to log on to the client portal at a time that is best suited to them. The client portal also provides improved oversight and visibility is provided for all involved. Given that many clients can be spread over large geographical areas and multiple time zones, this ability is a great bonus.

How does the Client Portal function work?

Clients can log-in to access to check their application status, to fill out forms and questionnaires and to upload their documents.  

Once a client’s profile is created, a user ID and password can be generated automatically and sent to the client as an email.   

New iVisas clients are automatically linked to the iVisas Client Portal.  Existing clients are being progressively integrated - if you haven't received a Client Portal welcome message and would like to use this function - contact us today on

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Thank you soooo much for everything you've done for us bonnie! Its been great working with you.  Words cant express how happy I am right now... woohooooo!

J.P. & P.P. (Mauritius)

Dear Bonnie

I'm very grateful and thank you very much for your effort and help to grant my visitor visa.  I was overwhelmed and excited; I didnt expect to obtain it so promptly as Im used to everything to be delayed where I am.


Dear Bonnie
We are very grateful for everything that you did - Thank you so much from both of us!!! I think that now we are fiunally over the excitement of the news.  There cannot be any better timing also, as we were just planning a holiday back home and now we can go ahead with our plans. Again, thank you!

M.M. (Estonia)

Hi Bonnie, just to let you know that I achieve citizenship on the 9th of May and the long process has come to a successful conclusion. All of this was only possible due to your work and I am very very grateful.
B.H. (Ireland)

Dear Bonnie

I want to thank you personally for your service regarding our employee... The service we received was erudite, professional and prompt.  I understand the intricacies that can be involved in any visa process, however using your services erased any difficulties we would have faced.  From a business point of view I would highly recommend your services to any other companies who are seeking to sponsor an employee.  

(Director - Resources Company, Perth)

Hi Bonnie, That must have been the fastest processing in human history. Thank you a million times for your excellent and professional help! Thanks again.Thank you a million times...

Regards, Clemens


I want to thank you for all the additional effort you have gone to on this with us.  I won't forget that, you really nailed it, home run.. decision ready first time.

(Student Visa AL-3 applicants - United Arab Emirates)